5 best neighborhoods to trick-or-treat in L.A.

5 best neighborhoods to trick-or-treat in L.A.

5 best neighborhoods to trick-or-treat in L.A.

Angelino Heights

1. Angelino Heights

Vintage craftsman bungalows, towering Victorians and dark mysterious mansions are the ideal backdrop to a spooky Halloween night in Angelino Heights. Streets bend and fold around the leafy hillsides of one of L.A.’s oldest neighborhoods, making for a great destination for the older and ambitious trick or treater who will get a side of L.A. history with their stash of Nerds and Kit Kats. Residents of the popular Carroll Avenue—sometimes known as the Haunted District—have Halloween fun and don’t skimp on the candy either.

Where: Carroll Avenue and Douglas Street 

“The Haunted District” - towering Victorians, dark mysterious mansions, winding streets, leafy hillsides, and LA history (Carroll Avenue and Douglas Street)

2. Brentwood

The Westside little gem of Brentwood Glen is a slice of Americana in the bustle of city living. The walkable nabe, south of Sunset Boulevard and west of the 405, is an ideal spot for little trick-or-treaters who are new to the tradition. Residents are generous with their candy as well as their Halloween spirit, evident in their decorated homes and glowing carved pumpkins. Bonus: If you’re looking to grab dinner and maybe score more candy, you can head to the festively decked-out Brentwood Country Mart.

Where: Brentwood Glen, between Church and Beloit streets

Walkable, slice of Americana, generous candy buckets and Halloween spirit (Brentwood Glen, between Church and Beloit)

Venice Beach

3. Venice Beach Canals

Venice Beach’s canal community is known for going all out on Halloween. Grab your ghouls and come early to stroll around the bridges, take in the spooky decorations and twinkly lights and, most importantly, meet costume-clad homeowners who happily hand out treats. Prepare for parking difficulties but do plan on spending a few hours to enjoy the scenery and take in the decorations.

Where: Dell and Venice Boulevard

Beautiful views around the bridges, decked out decorations, costume-clad homeowners (Dell and Venice Blvd)

4. Toluca Lake

Toluca Lake is known for its TV studios and movie executives that call this Valley jewel home. Come Halloween, it’s also a highly sought-after neighborhood known as “the flats” by locals who head from their hillside homes to trick or treat amongst the sprawling ranch houses. Bob Hope’s former house on Ledge Avenue and Moorpark Street is a great place to start your trek. Although he and Dolores Hope are no longer with us and passing out full-size candy bars and kazoos, neighbors continue the tradition of a lively Halloween spirit.

Where: Ledge Ave and Moorpark St; Toluca Estates Drives and Valley Spring Lane

“The flats”, sprawling ranch houses, lively Halloween spirit (Ledge Ave and Moorpark St; Toluca Estates Drives and Valley Spring Lane)

Beverly Hills

5. Beverly Hills "Flats"

Every year, trick-or-treaters from all over L.A. hit the streets of 90210 in search of the Halloween holy grail: full-size candy bars and envelopes of cash, natch. And while that’s mostly the stuff of legends, people then discover trick-or-treating hot spot Walden Drive. Get there early (before local teens show up with shaving cream in hand for a little grown-up fun) and enjoy the manicured lawns and epic homes decorated to the nines in Halloween garb and ghoulish mischief. Meet up at the beloved “Beverly Hills Witches House” on Walden Drive, which looks like a haunted fairytale cottage with gnarled trees and a creaky fence.

Where: Walden Drive and Carmelita Avenue 

“Beverly Hills Witches House” on Walden Drive, full-size candy bars, manicured lawns, epic homes decorated to the nines (Walden Drive and Carmelita Avenue)


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