5 things you never knew about Beverly Hills

5 things you never knew about Beverly Hills

5 things you never knew about Beverly Hills

Think you know LA? Think again. Below are 5 things I bet you never knew about the famous Los Angeles neighborhood Beverly Hills…

… and yes, I saved the best one for last.

1. It shouldn’t even be called “Beverly Hills”. 

Most of Beverly Hills is actually Beverly-flat. In fact, there is a large section known as “The Flats” of Beverly Hills. The homes are generally less expensive than the homes in the hilly part and go for more modest prices, such as $11M.

2. It has no hospitals. 

Beverly Hills Is the only city in LA County with no hospitals, no above-ground telephone wires, no billboards, and no cemeteries. If The Walking Dead ever happens in real life, I would highly suggest Beverly Hills as your hideout.

A New Generation at the House of Bijan Eyes $1B Valuation – WWD

3. It is home to the most expensive store in the world. 

Along the famous Rodeo Drive shopping district you will find House of Bijan where you can spend upwards of $15k for a suit. $1K for a tie. No wonder the cost of living in Beverly Hills is 163.40% higher than the U.S. average.

4. The BHPD has one of the lowest response times to emergency calls in the country.

The US average is over 10 minutes, and BH comes in at under 2.5 minutes.

Historic Restaurants in Beverly Hills

5. And finally, last but not least: the swanky, chic Beverly Hills is home to the world’s first Cheesecake Factory.

It opened in 1978 and has over 150 restaurants today. 

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