Tyler's Top 3 LA Neighborhoods of 2023

Tyler's Top 3 LA Neighborhoods of 2023

Tyler's Top 3 LA Neighborhoods of 2023

#1. The Arts District

Downtown LA’s Arts District has come a long way since it was first developed as a railway hub over a century ago (and citrus groves before that).

The area may have become slightly less gritty recently with the addition of social clubs like Soho House, corporate office space and high end shopping at The Row. But it still has a thriving creative energy and artistic heart. Angelinos from far and wide flock there for craft breweries, the diverse restaurant scene, eclectic shopping, nightlife that extends well into the morning hours, and of course the plethora of incredible gallery openings and art events.

The recently opened Metro A and E Line station offers easy transport. And don’t forget to take in...or better yet, drive over...the district’s most prominent recent addition, the instantly-iconic new 6th St. Viaduct. It’s no wonder this neighborhood was ranked #13 on Time Outs vaunted “40 coolest neighborhoods in the world” list for 2023.

#2. Century City

Century City is more than just the mall where Barbie’s from (at least in Mattell’s hit movie). This one-square-mile “city within a city” is named after 20th Century Fox, as it was built on the movie studio’s backlot after it was repurposed for real estate in 1956. During the current commercial real estate downturn, Century City’s office space is booming - filled with law and finance firms, real estate businesses, and talent agencies.

It has been described as “the best office market in the country,” and “Disneyland for executives and office workers” by the Real Deal. So why is it such a success story for the office real estate market? It comes down to the safe environment, the diversity of great bars and restaurants, thriving retail and nightlife, and maybe most of all, the location-location-location. With West LA on one side, and Beverly Hills on the other, it is minutes from the Los Angeles Country Club, and steps from the remodeled Westfield Century City Mall.

This is why, along with all that office space, it also has attracted some of the tallest and finest condos in all of LA, some of which fetch prices over $10 million. And for the more “down-to-earth,” you’ll also find smaller mid-century buildings - vestiges of the original development.

#3. Toluca Lake

100 years ago, in 1923, what began as a swampy pond was enhanced into a six acre water feature for a new planned neighborhood, Toluca Lake.

After Warner Brothers opened their lot a block away in 1928, Hollywood’s elite discovered the manicured and stunning body of water, and it swiftly became surrounded by the most expensive homes in the area.

Now, 100 years later in 2023, Toluca Lake is considered one of LA’s most desirable neighborhoods for its picturesque surroundings, lush greenery, and tree-lined streets - not to mention the incredible views of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is home to numerous celebrities, and the presence of well-known figures over the years adds to the allure. You might even call it a "swamp-to-riches" story.

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